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Preventative Dental Care

During your pet’s examination, Dr. McMillen may recommend a dental Procedure.  Your pet will have an examination to evaluate the teeth for fractures, Tartar build up, gum disease and gum recession.  If Dr. McMillen finds teeth that are either a problem now or are soon to be a problem, she may elect to extract the teeth.   Dr. McMillen will examine below the gum line, where food, bacteria and tartar tend to build up.  Then the teeth are polished to help smooth the surface of the teeth to help slow the adhesion of future plaque build-up on your pet’s teeth.  They also receive a fluoride treatment & after the procedure a sealant is applied to keep the teeth cleaner longer.  Because your pet will be under anesthesia for the procedure, it is strongly recommended that you allow us to do blood work prior to the anesthetic procedure to evaluate your pet for anemia, chronic infection, kidney, liver, and blood glucose abnormalities to help us keep your pet as safe as possible.  

Oral Surgery

Teeth Cleaning


Oral Chews

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