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Provided by Braden Run Animal Hospital

216 Braden Run Rd. Waynesburg PA 15370

(724) 627-5079


The following items should be kept in a place where you and other people in your household can retrieve them quickly in the event of an emergency.


Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ***  Milk of Magnesia or Activated Charcoal ***

  • Talk to Your Veterinarian BEFORE using the above items***


  1. 2 Rolls Gauze

  2. White Adhesive Tape

  3. Telfa Pads

  4. Bath Towels

  5. Large Syringe or Eye Dropper

  6. Antibiotic Wound Ointment

  7. Sterile Water

  8. Pen & Paper

  9. Stretcher (board, door, blanket, or floor mat)

  10. Our magnet on refrigerator for quick access to an emergency room for animals


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