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Preventative Care


We offer vaccinations for both Dogs & Cats!  All vaccines help to keep your pets healthy & happy!  We offer vaccinations that prevent diseases in our area. If you are travelling and need a specific vaccine please talk to our staff so we can tailor a protocol that works best for you & your pet!


We recommend all pets be examined twice a year in order to prevent/detect medical problems. Pets age faster than we do and as a result, health problems can progress much more rapidly. Regular wellness examinations will confirm that your pet is healthy or help catch problems before they can become more serious. Your pet's semi-annual veterinary visit will include some, if not all of the following: a health consultation, blood work, a physical examination, pain assessment, nutritional counseling, vaccinations if necessary, an intestinal parasite screening and a recommendation for an on-going wellness routine.

Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medications

Most wouldn't think that preventing fleas, Ticks, & Heartworms could save a pet owner in the long run!  Fleas are not just an unwanted visitor, they cause itching, skin infections, anemia, & tapeworms!  Ticks carry a plethora of disease, including Lyme disease!  Heartworm is a deadly parasite that is carried by mosquitoes, although it is treatable once contracted, the prevention is much less expensive.  Make sure to talk to our staff about how to keep your best friends protected from all outside parasites.  

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