Dr. Anita McMillen VMD

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Dr. McMillen is the Sole clinician here at Braden Run.  She graduated from the esteemed, University of Pennsylvania.  Supporting rescue animals is important to Dr. McMillen, & she volunteers her time weekly to spay & neuter animals for Pet Search, a rescue league she is a board member for and staunchly supports.  While Dr. McMillen is fascinated by all animals, she spends her free time with her plethora of rescued dogs & cats.  When time is available she sneaks off for a trail ride on one of her three horses Bandit, Ebony, & Honeymoon!  

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Sara graduated from the Vet Tech Institute in 2015 with an associates degree. She has been with us for 6 years. She just recently became Fear Free Elite certified.  In her spare time she enjoys competing at horse shows, learning German, and studying for the CVPM examination.  

Tim McMillen MS, VP

Tim is the Vice President & Treasurer of Braden Run.  He graduated from Berklee et al.  Tim spent time rescuing & rehabilitating wild life around the Greene county area.  In his spare time he enjoys taking long walks with his dogs Astro & Garnet.