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COVID-19 Protocols

Braden Run Animal Hospital COVID-19 protocol: Thank you so much for being a Braden Run Animal Hospital client, we appreciate your continued support & trust of our hospital. Given the current state of federal disaster just declared in Pennsylvania because of the Corona Virus, we have put into place numerous new protocols to keep our staff and clients as safe as possible. What we are doing: Curbside service: Only staff & pets are allowed in the building. When you pull into our parking lot give us a call and someone will come to your car to assist you. We ask that you take your pet out of the vehicle and hand the technician the leash or carrier. We will obtain your presenting complaint and any other necessary medications or prescription diets you’d need to pick up at that time. Your invoice will be taken to your car, we ask for Credit/Debit card payments only at this time. You can also pay over the phone if that is preferred. Prescription diets are currently being kept to a minimum. If you pet is prescribed one we ask that you utilize the Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct service that is offered. You can call our office for instructions on how to sign up or you can visit our website for a direct link to sign up. If you need a preventative product, like flea/tick or heartworm medication, we ask that you call ahead and pay over the phone. We can mail your prescriptions to you or you can use our online pharmacy that is linked to our website. If you feel sick or are around someone who is not feeling well we ask that you reschedule your appointment for the safety of both you & our staff. If the appointment is medically necessary then you can ask someone else to bring your pet in. Routine procedures (such as dental cleanings) are being rescheduled to May 2020. If you pet needs vaccinations those are considered necessary please give us a call to schedule. We are using telemedicine as of 3-28-2020. If your pet has an ailment that can be treated without an in house examination, we can prescribe medications to you. You can either pick them up here at the hospital using the above protocol or we can put them into our online pharmacy and send them to you.

We appreciate your support of our small business and your trust of Dr. McMillen and the staff here. We are doing everything in our power to keep everyone, pets included, as safe as we can.

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